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Star Choice Zambia Limited has been conceived by a group of mining engineers, geologist, and local miners with legal back ground .The skill set employed by Star Choice Zambia Limited is unique with staff and consultants having extremely high qualifications therefore creating a depth in-house with extra ordinary abilities. As a whole star Choice Zambia is geared in aspects of Exploration, Mining, Environmental Impact Assessment and mining related businesses (Base and precious Metals, Industrial minerals and Gemstone).

Star Choice Zambia Limited has its mining expertise for more than a decade and is poised to run one of the biggest, modern mining operations in Zambia. Our score card to achieve would be the same as any other consulting company worldwide but due to our team skill we have a more effective and wider concept of approach to our customers than any opposition in the market.

Star Choice Zambia Limited has more than 9 exploration permits, explore, distributes and supplies ores of Manganese, Zinc, Copper, Lead, Tin and antimony.

Star Choice Zambia Limited has accomplished much over the years, and is proud of the services and products that it provides to its customers. We are now undergoing truly exciting changes with our marketing focused We are also sourcing material within Zambia .

Our Vision and Mission

We, Star Choice Zambia Limited accept and agree that all documentation, data, reports, records and other information of any kind whatsoever made available to or which comes to the knowledge of or is acquired from or by Star Choice Zambia Limited in regard to any finance project detail, including business undertaking, assets and intellectual property shall be treated by the various service companies and or governments we share as secret and confidential.

We, Star Choice Zambia Limited will not breach any confidentiality unless we find that the organization we deal with has either fraudulent, military, drug involvement etc. in which case Star Choice Zambia Limited will be compelled to report this to the correct Authorities in which every country the project and or country action was deem against. “An industry leader we are”.

To become the leading mining and trade facilitator assisting clients achieve competitive advantage
“Let us together build the foundations for a greener future. Let our expertise and passion work for you.”

Specialists In

Exploration, Mining and related business.

Base Metals
Industrial minerals
Environmental Assessment (EIA, EPB etc)
Environmental Ethics, Laws and Regulationss
Ground clearing
Gemstone etc

Methodology of Project Management

Management Methodology

Star Choice Zambia Limited will enter into contracts by means of a Manage-By-Project approach in order to execute the conformance levels of requirements in a professional, comprehensive, and mandatory fashion.

This will encourage

Nation in the world but is also internationally recognized as a major producer of high quality Manganese, Copper, Gold, Nickel, Emeralds, Aquamarines, Amethyst, Tourmalines .etc.


Mr. Joseph Musonda

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Our Metier

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In addition to its diversified mining operations and cash-flow generating base, Star Choice Zambia Limited has a number of exploration properties and per-development projects in the Republic Of Zambia. With an active exploration and development program, the company has consistently grown its reserve base for future production,.

Our philosophy is to operate mines safely by promoting a deeply-rooted value-based culture, leveraging mining skills developed over the company’s long history, and by innovating new practices.

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